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Aluminum Loft Ladders

All of our aluminium loft ladders are installed with a hatch by one of our experienced loft ladder specialist.

Deluxe Loft Ladder – With existing hatch £349 or £449 with a new hatch.

The Deluxe loft ladder is ideal for relatively high frequency and onerous conditions of use.

  • Spring assisted pivot arm for smooth gliding action.
  • Complete with two handrails for added safety.
  • Adjustable to accommodate a large range of floor to loft floor heights.

3 Section – £290 with a new hatch.


This TLS02 is in our opinion, well constructed and by far the most easy to operate light alloy on the market. The TLS02 Unit feels strong and secure whenever you are climbing.

2 Section – £249 with a new hatch.


Constructed from aluminium with specially designed interlocking sliding sections with flat top rungs for comfort and safety. The ladder has a pivot arm to control safe lowering of the ladder from the loft, it features a simple height adjustment.

Titan concertina ladder TAF10 – £400 with a new hatch.


Requires almost no inside loft clearence, spring controlled operation, strong safe construction with wide treads(80mm) for comfort.

Ideal for limited space applications
Stores compactly above trapdoor itself – no interference with loft space
Unfolds and retracts concertina-style